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Come see me and my fam doing out thing. I promise we will put on the best show you’ve ever seen.

Come see me and my fam doing out thing. I promise we will put on the best show you’ve ever seen.


Yes!!!! My favorite weekend of every year. Also a busy weekend though. Git asked to perform all 3 nights of pride. Lebuzz tonight. And MSR on Friday and Saturday night. If you wanna see how me and my troupe do then come out and party with us this pride! Feel free to introduce yourself. In quite friendly. :)

Seattle here I come!

Seattle here I come!

Seattle here I come!

Seattle here I come!


I am Rob Thomas. Please address me as such for this rest of the evening. Robbie is also acceptable. Thank you Matchbox for all the right words. Now to MSR in ATL. Come party with me and all the Bros if you are in the area. Promise we are lots of fun!

Downtown Athens Night Recap

Ran into several old friends. No incorrect pronouns from anyone that I heard! And the stares I attracted were very easy to shake off thanks to the awesome group of people I was with. :)   Only major pitfall of the night: being denied access to Manor (a dance club/bar I had been to a few times before) because my “shorts were too baggy for girls, to fit their dress code.” Fuck you. Thankfully, I was with some super awesome people who were like fuck that! And then we dipped to a less judgmental bar.  

Ready for a night out. First time in awhile. Time to test my pronouns again. Fingers crossed for a goodnight. #Conquering Dysphoria

shinaschadenfreude said: Hello.I just saw those photos with covered mirrors.Why do you do that? Do you know the reason?

I am a Transgender male, meaning FTM. And have recently been suffering from severe and quickly escalating body dysphoria. Mostly centered around my chest. I have been double binding for almost 5 years now (which is quite painful), to keep myself happy with my appearance. But the longer I am on T and the more my body starts to look male, the less I can trick myself into reasoning away the “female” parts of my body… I have been showering in the dark for months to avoid making myself panic and feel sick when I see my body. But more recently even just passing by a mirror and seeing my binder outline through my shirt, or how my chest still doesn’t look flat enough even after double binding, has caused me to start having crippling panic attacks. So a friend suggested we cover the mirrors in the house to help keep me calm. It is helping so far. But it is still really difficult. I feel controlled by something I have no control over. I just have to keep saving for surgery and its costs. Which are about $9,000. And I am getting close to having saved almost $3,000 now. Which is good but still quite far from my MUCH needed goal. Which is why I finally had to stop worrying about the internet haters out there and reach out and ask for help. Because every dollar puts me closer to saving my life and getting it back on track.

My dysphoria, and panic attacks caused by it, has gotten so bad my friends covered every single mirror in the house to help keep me from having panic attacks. It’s really helped the past few days they have been covered. But now I feel like I look crazy, and I can’t live like this for months. I wish I had more control over it. Just gotta keep trying and saving money. Every little bit helps. Literally every single dollar matters. So if you have an extra to spare…..



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Killer Dysphoria

My dysphoria has gotten so bad I’m having Nip/Tuck style nightmares. Where I choose really unfortunate household items to cut and doctor my own body as best as I can and then just sit there in pain and a couple of pounds lighter in my chest. I sit there thinking, the doctors will just have to fix it from what I’ve done and then it will be over. And I’ll feel better. It’s super messed up I know. But the nightmares and dysphoria gets worse everyday. Even in sleep I feel like my mind and body are suffocating me.

RIP Cory Monteith  

Thank you for all of the awesome songs, and the inspiration.

It’s My Life/Confessions Glee mashup done by my drag troupe, the Bros at a local LGBTQ Pride event.  

Time for sushi! Yum!

Time for sushi! Yum!

Please reblog this photo/video set for me and visit/donate to Skyler’s Anti-Binder Fund. Any help, whether it be raising money, or raising awareness, is very much appreciated.

This video was filmed at The University of Georgia in front of a crowd of over 500 at Don We Now Our Gay Apparel. The drag show/fundraiser that I helped create to fund the efforts in amending the Anti-harassment/non-discrimination policy on campus to include Trans* individuals. I was very nervous to go on stage in front of such a large crowd carrying a photo album marked “Childhood memories” filled with pictures of a “girlish” past. Fearing people wouldn’t understand. But the message was received perfectly. I looked out into the audience at one point and saw many people in tears. And then to my surprise, when I turned to reveal myself and every word that I felt would get people to understand ME and who I am, I was met by the entire audience rising to their feet to cheer for me. They continued to cheer, stand, and some cry until well after I left the stage. Truly, one of the moving moments of my life.