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Beyond Our Bodies.

The short documentary following 3 Transgender Drag performers that won Campus MovieFest Best Drama will be shown at Warner Brothers in Hollywood on Saturday.

So exciting!

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"Beyond our Bodies" is the Campus MovieFest Best Drama Award winner at our University. This Documentary was done by Emma Marticke on me and my other Trans Drag family members from our Drag Troupe Bros B4 Hos. Its so exciting that this part of our Queer culture is being recognized. It’s now going to be shown at the big screening in HOLLYWOOD and will be competing there. Everyone, please watch and support, the more views the better. It’s time for gender issues to come to the forefront of everyone’s mind. 


A documentary feature my drag father and bro and me! Bros B4 Ho*s & Roxxi Deveaux.

(Source: loveontheroxx)